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Alkaline Water

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Q : Why drink alkalized water?
A : Our bodies should have a blood pH value of 7.36 to 7.44.

Due to our modern lifestyles and consumption of meats, dairy, coffee & processed sugars, these create acidic ash in the body. Even the water we drink can be acidic adding to the body’s attempts to maintain its natural pH value.

Typical symptoms of acidic blood can include;

* Low energy
* Excess weight
* Poor digestion
* Aches& pains

Some experts go even further to suggest that an alkaline body might not allow degenerative diseases including cancer cells to form as readily in an acidic body
By combining a change in diet and drinking water with a pH value similar to the ideal blood value can lead to better health.

Fruits & Vegetables Washer

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Q : Does it work?
A : Experiments have shown that using the washer is much more effective than hand washing to kill bacteria and destroy residual pesticides and fertilizers. The washer applies vortex spraying current to remove physical dirt on the vegetables's surface. Simultaneously, an electronic Ozone generator produces Ozone. Activated oxygen, or ozone, is then oxidizing the vegetable and fruits, which causes pesticide degradation, toxin oxidization, sterilization and disinfection, These are impossible to achieve by normal manual hand wash. Ozone degrades to common oxygen and water after approximately 15 minutes leaving no pollutants to the environment.
Q : How does it work?
A : The electronic generator convert O2 in the air to O3 (Ozone),which is than released into the washer through the pump. The powerful oxidation effects of ozone have cause pesticide degradation, toxin oxidization, sterlizization and disinfection. After that, the ozone reverts to oxygen and water.
Q : What is the amount that can be washed at one time?
A : For leafy green vegetables (such as spinach, lettuce, etc) not more than 0.5kg should be washed at one time.

Whereas for roots and tubers (such as potatoes, carrots, etc), meats and seafood, not more than 1.5kg should be washed at one time.
Q : What is the consumption of electricity?
A : The power required is 100W, or 0.1 degree per hour. Running time on the normal cycle is 8 minutes which translates to 0.013 degree for each washing cycle.
Q : How much water is used during each wash?
A : The washer uses approximately 4 litre for each wash. One complete cycle will wash the vegetables twice. Hence, total consumption of water is 8 litre.
Q : Do extra detergents or disinfectants needed?
A : There is no need add other disinfections to the machine during operation; just turn the knob on.
Q : What kind of certifications does the washer have?
A : The washer is ETL certified in the US, CQC certified in China, CE certified in Europe, GS certified in Germany, and SIRIM certified in Malaysia.


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Q : What is Ozone?
A : Ozone is the triatomic, allotropic from of oxygen having the chemical symbol O3. It is formed naturally in the atmosphere, as a colorless gas with a very pungent odor. Although it is a powerful oxidizing agent, it is unstable which, ordinary conditions, spontanneously decomposes to oxygen. It is often formed in nature after a lightning strike. The high voltage turns the normal oxygen into ozone.this is why the air always smells so fresh after the thunderstorm.

Q : What is the function of Ozone?
A :

--Ozone dissolve quickly in the water, and has disslubility 13times more than of oxygen's. The oxidizing power of ozone is much stronger after it has been dissolved in the water. It is anywhere from 300-2000 times stronger than chlorine, the chemical commonly added to water supplies for disinfecting purposes. Ozone water is approved as an effective sanitizer against microorganisms. Washing fruits, vegetables, cloths and dishware with ozonated water can rid them of peculiar smells, eliminate pesticideresidue, kill bacteria and virus, and keep food fresh and longer.

2.Pesticide, hormone and toxin degradation

--Ozone is a very powerful oxidizing agent, which oxidize pesticide and other toxins changing them to stable inorganic compunds.

3.Sterilization and disinfection

--The oxygen atom is capable of oxidizing the bacteria and virtus cell wall breaking down their structural integrity and killing them. It can also degrade pesticides into harmless inorganic compounds.

4.Environmental conservation characteristic

--Traditionally, chlorine is used for water disinfection. However, it may produce carcinogenic halides and causes secondary pollution. Ozone goes by the name of The Green Environmental Conservation Element. After disinfection, with nooutside interference, ozone reverts to oxygen naturally without any toxin residue. That's why ozone is considered to be a highly effective, environmental conservation disinfection that can be used directly with food.
Q : What is the advantages of Ozone?
A : 1)Ozone is the strongest oxidant available for the treatment of odors
2)Ozone decomposes into oxygen after it reacts with odors
3)Ozone is a Green Technology!
4)Although ozone is the strongest oxidizing agent commercially available, it is safe to handle.
5)Ozone kills airborne pathogen & viruses
6)Ozone is easily generated on site with oxygen & electricity (both are readily available)
7)Ozone gas is molecular resulting in penetration of small cracks & crevices that cannot be reached with traditional cleaning methods

Shower Filter

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Q : Why did the color of the pre-filter change after using it for a while?
A : There is nothing to worry about, It is normal that dirt and sediments will be attached to the pre-filter.
Q : Can I drink water directly from the shower filter?
A : Shower filter is best used for shower instead of drinking. Please select a water filter system that can best suit your need for drinking water purpose.
Q : What I should do if water flow is shrinking, or no water is coming out?
A : Please check if the pre-filter is clogged with dirt/sands. If so, change the pre-filter right away.