Product Name:Fire Extinguisher
Product Code:MIS-MODEL-994
Price:RM 95.00

Product description:

Every year in Malaysia, nearly 30,000 cases of fire accident occurs, and this has causes many to loose their homes and their loved ones.
When a fire breaks out, you have only a short time to escape. If you panic or react senselessly, you may endanger yourself. Taking the right actions increases your chance of survival. Below are some of the things you need to know: 
  1. If fire and smoke block the door
    Close the door and stuff the gap with wet clothes. Try to get out through the window. If your home is located at the lower floors, get out with your back facing out and your hands holding on to the window. Extend your legs out in the air, hang on for a brief moment before you let go.
    Do not jump out of the window leaving behind the elderly and children. If there are people coming to your aid at the ground , help the elderly and children to climb out through the window and drop them to the people waiting below. If there is no one, lower them as far as you can before letting go.
  2. Crawl on the floor below the smoke
    In a huge fire, smoke and heat naturally rise. So, stay low and crawl with your hands and knees about one to two feet above the floor as there is more breathable air at this height.
  3. When your clothes catch fire
    When your clothes are on fire, stop running. Cover your face with your hands and roll on the floor to put out the fire. Alternatively, wrap a fire blanket around your body on the floor.
  4. Use the emergency stairway
    Never use the lift in the event of a fire. Do not simply follow the crowd or push each other or run around senselessly. Remember to run towards bright, open space or down stairs. If the emergency exit is blocked by flames and smoke, move towards the opposite direction. Try to leave the building through the balcony, louver window, rooftop, etc. Remember to instruct all your family members to meet at a designated safe location outside the building.
  5. How to put out a kitchen fire
    Firstly, turn off the gas. Cover the flame with a pot cover or fire blanket. Get ready a portable fire extinguisher.

  1. 火和浓烟封住房口出门
  2. 在浓烟下爬行
  3. 衣服着火
  4. 使用楼梯逃生
    火灾时不可使用电梯。千万不要盲目地跟从人流和相互拥挤,乱冲乱窜。 撤离时要注意,朝明亮处或外面空旷地方跑,要尽量往楼层下面跑。若通道已被烟火封住,则应背向烟火方向离开,通过阳台,气窗,天台等往室外逃生。切忌要和家人在指定的地方集合。
  5. 厨房失火急救

MIS-MODEL-994 -Fire Extinguisher
Price: RM 95.00